Gail T. Henderson MS, ATC-R, PT, CCRP

Gail's education includes healing and normal physiology, neurophysiology, canine anatomy, strength and conditioning principles and appropriate therapeutic interventions, as well as the importance of monitoring cardiovascular, respiratory and psychological responses to the demands of rehab. To provide quality canine rehab care, work experience with animals is essential, as is advanced education, training, and veterinary hospital experience.

Education And Experience: Graduate of the University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Graduate of Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN with a Master’s Degree in Sport’s Medicine/Athletic Training. Graduate of the University of Tennessee’s Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner certification program, first graduating class, June 2003. 20+ yrs of clinical practice in human physical therapy. Private practice/consulting with human physical therapy since 1990. Private practice in canine rehabilitation since 2001. Canine rehabilitation consulting including Dog Gone Smart since 2001.

Qualifications of Rehab Service Providers

Your dog deserves the same high standards in rehabilitation care as any other family member. The individual providing your companion with rehabilitation services following injury or surgery should work closely with and upon referral by your veterinarian.

To protect your dog from further injury, look for an individual with formal rehab education, advanced rehab experience, and specialized training such as certification from the University of Tennessee's Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner Program.

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioners that have graduated from the University of Tennessee certificate program are highly trained in observation of movement, gait analysis, and treatment modalities for progressive diseases and post-surgical management.