Is Canine Rehabilitation Right for Your Dog?

Physical rehabilitation is often indicated after injury, surgery, or disability and is an essential part of the recovery process for both people and our canine companions. The field of physical rehabilitation in veterinary medicine is rapidly expanding as veterinarians and clients recognize its wide range of benefits.

As we have seen with human rehabilitation, recoveries from injury or surgery that are guided by a rehab professional's close monitoring throughout the healing stages will suffer fewer setbacks and result in much better outcomes.

Benefits of Rehab:

o Professionally guided, accelerated recovery from injury
o Decreased pain, inflammation and swelling
o Improved blood flow and optimal healing in the injured
o Protects other limbs from trauma
o Controlled, early mobilization to limit the effects of
o Restore normal movement patterns
o Prevent or minimize muscle atrophy
o Earlier and safer return to fun and function
o Improved attitude and happiness with improved
o Owner education and home program instruction
o Communication link for veterinarian and client
   throughout the rehab process