My 7 year old German Shepherd Dog, Grace, had CCL surgery and needed rehab. I researched canine physical therapists extensively with some of the east coast's top performance dog trainers. My dog is a retired breed champion with herding and advanced obedience titles. Grace and I also do an extensive amount of hiking on a daily basis. Grace is an extremely angulated American bred German Shepherd Dog that needed someone knowledgeable not only about physical therapy, but also about different body types and about bringing my dog back to being able to work.

I could not have made a better choice than Gail. She knows exactly how much to push, when to lay back and take it easy, and when the time is right for the next step. Her depth and breadth of knowledge was evident at every level of rehabilitation. But more than that, Gail is a true dog person, respecting the dogs being which enables her to keep the dog working longer and more efficiently.

Gail knows how to read a dog, but she can also read people. Before I even realized it Gail knew that I was the kind of person that just may not be patient enough to keep the balance between rehab and rest. She had an amazing way of handling me to make sure I took it slow with Grace.

The fact that Gail is a human physical therapist as well as a canine one was just icing on the cake because right smack in the middle of my dog's rehab I broke my foot! In a way I think Gail was relieved, there was no way I could rush Grace's rehab now.

Due to our circumstances, Grace got more time with Gail and I got to experience a whole other level of Gail's magic as she helped me heal my foot.

Thank you Gail so much...Your talent is something you cannot teach someone; it is a gift you have and we are thrilled to have experienced it. Keep doing what you do; you're amazing...

From Debbie and Grace

Dear Gail:

I am so glad I found you after my 12 year old beagle Gilly's unexpected back surgery last April. When we showed up for our first appointment with you, it had been almost a month since he left the hospital and I was physically and emotionally strained from carrying him in and out of the house to do his business, and up and down stairs in the house - and from almost everyone around me telling me to put him down. But you remained a voice of hope and reason and your generous offer to let us borrow some wheels to let him mobilize without my help until he could finally do it on his own gave me back my own freedom and health, and a much needed dose of optimism.

You continued to assure me he would walk again and you were right!

Thank you for your patient and intuitive rehab sessions with my favorite boy! He is so happy to be back hunting for squirrels and moles, smiling and wagging his tail on dog walks, hanging with his sister Gretel, and enjoying his favorite moment of the day: MEAL TIME! And rest assured NO ONE is smiling more than me.

Thank you for giving us two-legged AND four-legged creatures hope, health, and happiness. Your work is a ministry.

Gilly's Mom

My Australian Shepherd, Cricket, injured her shoulder three years ago, at the end of May, when she was 5-years-old. After a couple of visits to a chiropractor and a visit to the vet where they said the shoulder was damaged beyond repair, we went to Gail Henderson to see what options we had. She spotted the injury immediately, before I had a chance to tell her what the problem was.

Cricket is extremely wary of strangers, and really does not like to be to handled at all. The minute she walked into Gail's place, Cricket went right over to Gail and gave her a kiss and did tricks for her. Cricket allowed Gail to work on her shoulder and spine, and was relaxed on the table with me holding her head. Every subsequent visit was more of the same, with Cricket pulling me into the building to see Gail, and wiggling her butt for Gail. There are very few people that Cricket trusts, and Gail is one of them.

We were able to go back to running agility and herding, stronger than ever, after the therapy work, and I would recommend Gail and Paws and Paddle to anyone who is concerned about the physical health and well-being of their dogs. She is very thorough and knowledgeable, and I'm grateful that a good friend of mine recommended her to me.

Wendy R.

Our 13 1/2-year-old English Shepherd, Liz, received and injury that required a hemilaminectomy, after which she was unable to walk. Needless to say this was a very tragic event. Gail was recommended to us by Animal Specialty Center in Yonkers, where Liz had her surgery. That is how we came to meet Gail, whose professionalism and especially her compassion has led to considerable improvement in Liz. Today Liz is walking. I cannot recommend or extend enough accolades on Gail’s helpfulness, professionalism, and above all, healing powers. I would recommend her highly for both animals and humans.

Charmian S.  

The day after Thanksgiving, 2007, my 8-year-old dachshund, Joey, woke up, took a few steps, and collapsed. He couldn't walk. After taking him to our vet I found out that he had ruptured a disc in his neck. He needed surgery right away. The surgery was long and his recovery started out slow. I knew that after his surgery he needed further help. He was temporarily paralyzed and needed to learn how to walk again. That is when I called Gail Henderson at Paws and Paddle.

From the moment I met Gail, I knew that Joey was going to be fine. I could feel that with her compassion, knowledge, and professionalism that Joey was going to walk again. It was only one month later that Joey began to walk again. I can honestly say that without Paws and Paddle Joey might still be paralyzed. He is now walking like he used to and sometimes even runs to get his treat before our other dog steals it. Joey and I are so happy. Thank you to Gail and Paws and Paddle for giving Joey his life back.

Anne M.

I’m a Regional Animal Control Officer and I own Australian Shepherds.  I compete in agility trials and dock diving with my dogs.  I’m on my second generation of Aussies that have gone to Gail for physical therapy.  Gail has an amazing ability to see what the problem is and fix it.  Her gentle way wins over even my toughest Aussie, who now will pull to get inside and have Gail work on her.  I have referred many dogs and their owners to Gail and all have been very happy with the results.

Audrey M.

Dear Gail,

Thank you so much for all the care, attention, and love you gave Dinah Dog these last two years.  She would not have lived as long or as well without the treatments and equipment you provided her.  I can honestly say the happiest moments of her last years were spent at your studio.  She loved your touch and the activities that you engaged her in.


My 6-year-old Cane Corso, Brit, suffered from a knee injury (cruciate tear) that was surgically repaired in February, 2010.  After nine months of failed attempts ant recuperating Brit’s strength, her health declined, she was not walking on her injured leg, and was in obvious distress.
I had heard about Gail Henderson at Paws and Paddle but I was skeptical at first.  A dog physical therapist?  Why? The logical answer was, Why not! Having gone through serious injuries myself, I know the importance of proper physical therapy so Brit and I visited Gail.

Brit instantly felt comfortable and eager to please Gail, which is unusual for Brit, having just met Gail. As Gail worked diligently on Brit she quickly realized that something else was wrong with Brit’s knee that the veterinarians overlooked.  A second opinion revealed that Brit required another surgery to the same knee.  She not only has been recovering well but her happy-go-lucky personality is back, something I hadn’t seen in over a year!

Family members and friends often accompany me to Brit’s sessions with Gail and they too believe that Gail’s kind demeanor and amazing communication skills with dogs are genuine and unique and go beyond what any type of schooling provides.  Without her caring and passion for the health and well-being of Brit, I wouldn’t have this second chance at going swimming, walking, and having my best friend Brit beside me.

Tina B.

Our 4-year-old Newfoundland, Tug, suffers from hip dysplasia and has had two tightrope surgeries on his left knee without successful results.  He came to Paws and Paddle using only three of his legs.  Through Gail Henderson’s accurate assessments and expertise, Tug is regaining his mobility.  He clearly loves his sessions at Paws and Paddle and it is obvious that through his visits s he has relief from his pain.  We are thankful that we have found Gail and Paws and Paddle.

Dan and Laura M.